Nintendo Wii Biggest Loser Video Game Review

I want to be the Biggest Loser- on the Nintendo Wii video game, that is.

But the story doesn’t really start there. After my post about stella game review, It starts with a kid (my son) who got sick of the Wii playing, and a mom (me) who noticed that she could finally have a turn. So I started playing Wii Fit. And I had an absolute riot! So first, let me tell you (briefly) about my experience with Wii Fit:

My Experience with Wii Fit:

The Wii Fit has several options. My favorites are aerobics, hula hoop, and boxing. The aerobic routines were my all-time favorite because I loved the little Miis! If I messed up they would turn their backs, if I was in sync they would look at me with a wink and a smile. Those little Miis cracked me up! I liked working out with them. The hula hoops and boxing are fun, too. In the beginning, I would get out of breath and sweaty, but I quickly adjusted to Wii Fit. Any way you look at it, I had a lot of fun and looked forward to playing Wii Fit everyday.

After a month of spending an hour a day on the Wii Fit I decided to check my progress. The results? I had gained exactly a half of a pound and my BMI went up point two. Not exactly the results I had been hoping for. Even though I really enjoyed Playing Wii Fit, I really expected more from an hour a day workout.

My Experience with Wii Biggest Loser:

Last month, I saw that Kmart had the Biggest Loser video game for the Nintendo Wii on sale for $19.99. I was excited to see it- if I could spend my hour a day doing Wii Biggest Loser I was certain that my time would yield better results. Or, at the very least, I would lose my target five pounds.

So I faithfully did Wii Biggest Loser for an hour a day, six days a week, for one calendar month.

Wii Biggest Loser Q and A:

Is Wii Biggest Loser fun?

In a word, no. But Wii Fit was really fun, and I didn’t lose any weight, so I was willing to forego a little fun for better results.

What didn’t you like about it?

Well, I didn’t like Bob. And maybe that’s not fair to say because I’ve never seen the TV show, but I don’t like Bob from the video game.

I also didn’t like the graphics. Bob didn’t look realistic, but he wasn’t cute and cartoon-y either, like the Miis. And the players only have the option of being fat. My BMI hovers around 17.5, so I didn’t want to be a fat chick.

I also didn’t like the computer loops. For example, Bob will always say, “Look at me, I’m sweating!” during side-steps, even if it’s the first exercise three seconds into the warm up. And he frequently says, “I know you’re trying, but you’ve GOT to dig deeper,” which has no relation to the actual effort of the video game player. I should also mention the Wii Balance Board will register “perfect”, whether you’re actually using it or not.

Lastly, if you mistakenly hit the wrong option, there’s no way out. (Hitting the “B” button doesn’t work.) The only thing I could do was power down and start over. Starting over brings you to a lengthy introduction that’s exactly the same every time- I thought it was a waste of my workout minutes, but there was no way to skip it.

How were the exercise routines?

Not much better than Bob, the graphics, or the set-up. In a word, the exercise routines are lame. Lame because they were not fun, which may have had a lot to do with Bob. (I like a cheerful, encouraging instructor, not an disapproving task-master.) Also lame, because they’re just lame. Case in point:

The full body light 19 minute exercise routine is basically variations of jogging in place (jump rope in place, jumping jacks, jog in place, etc) for seven minutes, followed by about two minutes of variations of push-ups (knee planks, hip extensions, push-ups on knees), repeat circuit. Pretty lame. (So don’t bother buying it, I just told you the routine.)

I forgot to mention that the warm-up routines are just random exercises pulled from the exercise loops. It seemed weird, and, I hate to overuse this word- lame.

Do you think it’s good for overweight people?

The only overweight person in my house is my husband, at 5′ 10″ and 257 pounds, so I asked him to try Wii Biggest Loser. The results? He didn’t even get through the easiest level warm-up.

From my point of view, you shouldn’t be asking people who are that fat and that out of shape to do jumping jacks and mountain climbers on their first day. (Mountain climbers are jogging in place while exaggerating the knee movements and reaching the arms straight up to the sky) . It was way too much for Lubby. He got so discouraged he didn’t even stick around for the routine. He tried a couple more times, but it didn’t get any better for him. In fact, he started to hate Bob, too. (I’m not going to tell you the names he called him.)

What were your results from Wii Biggest Loser?

My results from the Wi Biggest Loser, after doing it for 45-60 minutes a day, 6 days a week for one calendar month were (drum roll please): I lost point 9 (that’s nine-tenths of a) pound, and my BMI decreased by point three. Since it’s considered normal for body weight to fluctuate by as much as two pounds a day, I have to say that I was very disappointed with the results. I have to chalk up the nine-tenths of a pound to normal fluctuation, and not actual weight loss.

How do you rate Nintendo Wii Biggest Loser?

On a scale of 1-10, I give the Wii Biggest Loser a 1, for three main reasons. First, there was not one thing about it that was fun. (I believe that exercise should be fun.) Secondly, Wii Biggest Loser did not result in any noticeable weight loss- which is very disappointing considering the dedication involved in doing it 45-60 minutes a day, six days a week. The third reason is that it’s far too difficult for overweight people, particularly if it’s their first attempt at an exercise program.

I bought my Wii Biggest Loser for half price, and even at that price it’s not worth buying.

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